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Who are we?

A private business focused on in home care services of low complexity, well known for its welcoming and good treatment during the provided services.

The quality services that we provide and our strategic alliances allowed us to offer our clients a comprehensive health care services. We count with qualified staff to take care of our clients, meet all their expectations and satisfy their necessities therefore all out clients will have a suitable experience.

Our main objective is to help every single person as a wholesome being which will be supported to improve their life quality based on their health necessities, providing a quality in home care with a constant check up.

  • Doctor appointments.
  • Nursery.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Fonoaudiology.
  • Nutrition and diet.
  • Psychology.
  • Social work.


Provide to the community a comprehensive in home care, with excellent quality and a high commitment of the members to provide health and wellbeing to all our clients, enabling our clients the access of a high quality health service 24 hours a day.


By 2022 be the in home care with be best quality of services at the Colombian Caribbean Coast and been know and set as an example between the health sector.

Rights and obligations of the patients

Our services are based of the respect towards the patients, every procedure is precisely performed in order to give a good medical care, excellent supervision of the patient and complete satisfaction of our clients.

Security of the Patient

We have developed a safety program of the patient, seeking to minimize the risks that our users face during the medical attention, simultaneously that we maximize their well-being. Our strategy of prevention includes:
  • Technological surveillance program: Guards over the suitable use of the devices used in the medical attention. It involves the prevention of incidents caused by the use of medical equipments and the managing of this type of events.
  • Epidemiological vigilance: It fulfills a labor of public health, based on the follow-up to diseases of wide scope, by helping the avoidance and control of infections.
  • Pharmacovigilance: It works in favor of the correct and prudent use of the medicines and tries to prevent or to mitigate the adverse events that arise from the administration of the above mentioned inputs.
  • Program of trainings in safety of the patient, committee and safety rounds and monitoring indicator.

Social responsibility

Fesanar del Caribe SAS, generates its social responsibility with the commitment that has the institution in contributing with the development, well-being, and the improvement of the quality of life of his users, collaborators and his families. The component of social responsibility is established from the vision, mission and quality politics where there are defined the approaches of vocation of service and satisfaction of the client.

Office of Attention to the User

We Consider that your satisfaction is an important reflection of our labor. For this reason, we pledge in offering you diverse spaces opened of communication, by means of which you have the opportunity to transmit the worries, suggestions or claims related to the received services. Later, we offer you a virtual mechanism that allows you to share your opinions.

The information with that you deal will be processed by Attention to the User, office that, beside gathering your comments, works in order to contribute information important information for the provision of services, as the duties and rights with which you must compromise. Remember that you possess the following alternative channels to send your comments:

Telephones: 674 4261 / 317 538 5402 / 321 592 4171
E-mail: calidad@fesanardelcaribe.com

To write your congratulations, claims or suggestions you can fill this form, we are grateful with the comments.




Protection law of personal information

Fesanar in fulfillment of the foreseen in the law 1581 of 2012 " By which general dispositions are dictated for the protection of personal information " and of the Decree 1377 of 2013, publishes for your knowledge the notice of privacy and the policies of treatment of information that has helped in agreement to the article 10 of the Decree 1377 of 2013, where the IOIR remains authorized in an express and unequivocal way to support and to handle all his information in conformity with the foreseen in the present document, except that you demonstrate the opposite, express, unequivocal way and in writing in the thirties (30) working days counted from the receipt of the present communication to the account of e-mail arranged for such an effect: calidad@fesanardelcaribe.com.

This communicate does exclusive reference to the notable thing above and does not relate to the information recorded in the clinical histories, due to the fact that the information and the information there recorded preserve his reserved, confidential character totally deprived of agreement to the politics of management of the information and arranged by the Resolution 1995 of 1999.


Quality politics

It is our commitment to offer services of health of low complexity under the domiciliary modality that satisfy the needs of patients and relatives across a personalized service, reliable and opportune. Based on the employment of methods according to the advances of the science, technology, experience of our human resource and the quality of the processes, offering a humanized service. Establishing institutional policies in labor safety term of the patient, and protection of the environment.